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Gold Color Aluminum Screw Posts  ()

Gold Color Aluminum Screw Posts

Now you can buy Gold screw posts online!

Also known as: Aluminum Screwposts, Chicago Screws, or Chicago Screw Posts.

Gold Aluminum Screwposts are great for binding: Swatches, Menus, Reference Books, Scripts, etc. Screwposts allow you to easily edit pages in your bound document. They give your presentation a professional look and apply easily to a standard three hole punch pattern.

  • Swatches
  • Expandable binders
  • Custom portfolios
  • Photo albums
  • Scrapbooks
  • Catalogs
  • And much more

Screw Post LengthPost Style
1/8" Screw PostsOpen
3/16" Screw PostsOpen
1/4" Screw PostsOpen
3/8" Screw PostsClosed
1/2" Screw PostsClosed
3/4" Screw PostsClosed
1" Screw PostsClosed
1/4" Screw Post ExtensionsExtension
1/2" Screw Post ExtensionsExtension
3/4" Screw Post ExtensionsExtension
1" Screw Post ExtensionsExtension

All screw posts and extensions are sold in packages of 100. The length stated is the maximum binding thickness (inside length.) The overall length of a post with the screw installed is approximately 1/8" longer than the stated length.

Posts 3/8" and shorter are threaded all the way through the post. Posts 1/8" long are furnished with 3/16" screws. Posts 3/16" and 1/4" long are furnished with 1/4" screws. Posts 3/8" and longer are furnished with 3/8" long screws.

Posts are 3/16" diameter, which fits comfortably in a standard 1/4" punched or drilled hole. Post and screw heads are 7/16" diameter and 1/16" thick. The screw thread is #8-32.
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Last Modified: August 17, 2015

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