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Manufacturer's Equipment Brochures

The following brochures were provided by the equipment manufacturers.

You will need to have a copy of Microsoft Word or a compatible program to read the Word documents.

You'll need a copy of Adobe ®: Acrobat® reader or a compatible program to view or print the PDF files.

Binding Machines
  Plastic Comb Binding
Kombo Manual Comb Binding Machineibimatic_kombo.pdf(636 k) 
E-Kombo Electric Comb Punch & Bind Machinee-kombo_electric_punch.pdf (535 k) 
EPK 21 Electric Comb Punch & Bind Machineepk21.pdf (470 k) 
  Velo Binding
PC 2000 Manual Coil Punch & Electric Inserterpc2000.pdf (388 k) 
CI 3000 Electric Coil InserterCI3000.pdf (427 k) 
Coil Pro 2000 Coil Binding Machinecoilpro2000.pdf(570 k) 
Marlon 350 Coil Crimpermarlon_350.pdf(4828 k) 
  Multi-Purpose Punching Machines
HC 8000 Manual Wire Closerhc8000.pdf (405 k) 
  Plastic Spiral Coil Binding
VeloBind System Onevelobindsystem1.pdf (542 k) 
VeloBind System Twosystem2.pdf(490 k) 
VeloBind System Three Prosystem3pro1.pdf (457 k) 
  Wire Binding
OD 3500 Multi-Purpose Binding Stationod3500.pdf(536 k) 
OD 4000 Multi-Purpose Electric Punchod4000.pdf(667 k) 
OD 4800 Multi-Purpose Manual Punchod4800.pdf(552 k) 
HD 6500 14 inch Multi-Purpose PunchHD6500.pdf (514 k) 
HD 7000 14 inch Multi-Purpose PunchHD7000.pdf (519 k) 
HD 7500 24 inch Multi-Purpose Punch HD7500.pdf (532 k) 
RAF-11 Auto Feeder for HD6500/7000 raf11.pdf (493 k) 
Laminating Machines
  Pouch Laminators
2070 and 2130 Pouch Laminators2070_2130_pouchlam.pdf (670 k)  
  Roll Laminators
Easy - Lam Roll Laminatoreasylam.pdf (305 k) 
Easy - Lam 2 Roll Laminatoreasylam2.pdf (333 k) 
Mighty Lam 2700 Roll Laminatormightylam.pdf(369 k)  
Cold Film Laminating and Mounting Machinescold_mount_lam_coda.pdf(859k) 
Paper Handling Equipment
FD 618 Folder/Inserter Fd618.pdf (312 k) 
M2 Bookletmakerm2_bookletmaker.pdf(439 k) 
Jog-Fast Paper Joggerjogfast_jogger.pdf(323 k)  
Sterling Paper Drill sterling_drill.pdf(841 k) 
Diamond Corner Rounding Machinesdiamond_series.pdf (273 k) 
Accessories and Supplies
Badge HoldersBadge_holders.pdf(264 k)  
Neckware and Wristwear neckwear_wristwear.pdf(178 k) 

ADSS is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any of these brochures.

Last Modified: August 9, 2015

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