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  Home » Paper Handling » Paper Cutting Machines » Universal Punches - HD 7700 Extra Heavy Duty Electric Punch
 HD 7700 Extra Heavy Duty Electric Punch Electric Punch (Universal Punches )

Universal Punches - HD 7700 Extra Heavy Duty Electric Punch

Electric Punch

The heaviest duty punching with a quick change die system. Punches up to 55 sheets of paper at a time.

  • New LED diagnostic display
  • Patented anti-jam feature detects punch overload and triggers auto reverse to eliminate punch jams
  • Also features backup manual reverse
  • Punching capacity is 40 to 55 sheets of 20 lb. bond, depending on the punch hole pattern used.
  • Up to 90 punch cycles per minute (15,000 to 18,000 sheets per hour).
  • Punch up to 10 plastic mylar sheets regardless of hole pattern (depending on mylar mil thickness).
  • Upgradeable to an automatic punch
  • Patented "QCDS" quick change die system. No tools, nothing to take apart. All punch pins easily disengage
  • New long-lasting die lubrication leaves no residue
  • The HD 7700 has 20 interchangeable dies available with 12 standard hole patterns
  • Comes with your choice of one standard die (ask for details)
  • 14" open ended punching allows for wider applications
  • New paper entry chute for easy paper insertion
  • No waste tray sensors needed: extra high capacity waste chip tray has clear access cover.
  • Smooth, quiet, power on demand operation
  • "Accu-Set" paper adjustment knob for fine adjustments on odd paper sizes
  • Uses standard hands free foot pedal, the optional versa trigger switch, or the new palm switch
  • Extremely durable all metal construction
  • Size: 8-1/2"(H) x 21"(W) x 22-1/2"(L)
  • Power: 115/230 Volts, 4/2 Amps, 60/50 Hz.
  • Weight: 80 lbs.
  • Shipping weight: 85 lbs.
  • Optional Versa switch
  • Optional palm switch
  • Optional extra capacity dies for special applications
  • Standard and custom dies for the 7700 are available
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