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Booklet Maker - Booklet MateBooklet Maker - Booklet Mate
Economical, semi-automatic office duty booklet maker. This low cost, compact bookletmaker is great for making booklets from 8-1/2" x 11" or 11" x 17" paper.
 Booklet Maker - M2 Booklet Maker - M2

Economical, sturdy office duty booklet maker.
A compact, desktop machine that folds and staples up to 11" x 17" paper with the push of a button.
Booklet Maker - Sprint 3000Booklet Maker - Sprint 3000
This Bookletmaker is an affordable free standing bookletmaker The Sprint 3000 booklet maker offers affordability and quality in one free standing unit.
Booklet Maker - Sprint 5000Booklet Maker - Sprint 5000
Popular 5000 Model can combine with the Maxxum 10 and collator trimmer to make a super efficient booklet making system.
Booklet Maker - B2000 StitchBooklet Maker - B2000 Stitch'n Fold
The only booklet maker with wire stitching technology. Improved technology, high productivity, and simple operation make the Stitch'N Fold bookletmaker a great unit for the production environment.
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