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Manufacturer's Equipment Manuals

The following manuals were provided by the equipment manufacturers.

You will need to have a copy of Microsoft Word or compatible software to read the Word documents.

You'll need a copy of Adobe ®: Acrobat® reader or a compatible program to view or print the PDF files.

Binding Machines
Kombo Manual Comb Binding Machineibico_kombo.pdf (784 k) 
Kombo Handle Installation Instructionskombo_handle_installation.pdf (209 k) 
EPK 21 Electric Comb Punch & Bind Machineepk21.pdf (824 k) 
CoilPro 1000 Manual Coil Punchcoilpro1000.pdf (376 k) 
CoilPro 2000 Manual Coil Punchcoilpro2000.pdf (786 k) 
RI 700 Coil Inserterri700.pdf (217 k) 
WirePro Advantage Manual Wire Punch and Bindwirepro_advantage.pdf (445 k) 
WirePro Advantage Plus Manual Wire Punch and Bindwirepro_advantage_plus.pdf (552 k) 
BookletMate Manual Booklet Makerbookletmate.pdf (428 k) 
OD 3500 Multi-Purpose Binding Stationod3500.pdf (901 k) 
OD 4000 Multi-Purpose Electric Punchod4000.pdf (1605 k) 
HD 6500 and HD 7000 14 inch Multi-Purpose Punchhd6500.pdf (1621 k) 
Laminating Machines
ML13 Pouch Laminatorml13.pdf (468 k) 
Paper Handling Equipment
LF2000 Tabletop Paper Folderlf2000.pdf (869 k) 
HS2000A Business Card Slitterhs2000a.pdf (1047 k) 
HS2000B Business Card Slitterhs2000b.pdf (1097 k) 
ADSS is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any of these manuals.