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Perf & Score Rotary Cutters - DC210, DC220, DC238Perf & Score Rotary Cutters - DC210, DC220, DC238
Additional Blades allow for perforating and scoring. Cutter only comes with cutting blade. This three in one trimmer can cut up to 3 sheets of copy paper also cuts card stock, black core matboard, thin foam board, and plastic sheets.
HS-100 Handi-ScoreHS-100 Handi-Score
Now you can do those short run scoring and perforating in house, with quick and easy setup. With Handi-Score you can score tent cards, brochures, menus, greeting cards and more! Also perforate sales tickets, raffles tickets, business forms, carbonless and more!
Rosback 218 PerforatorRosback 218 Perforator
The Rosback 218 saves desk space with its table top design. And is still sturdy and perfect for your short run perforating needs.
Auto Pro Plus Perforatoring and Scoring MachineAuto Pro Plus Perforatoring and Scoring Machine
An affordable Perforating and Scoring machine with 18" wide feed. Simple operation and reliablitity in every day use.
Auto Pro Air PlusAuto Pro Air Plus
Auto Pro Plus Number, Scores and perforates in on easy single pass.
Perfmaster Perforator and ScorerPerfmaster Perforator and Scorer
Automate your perforating and scoring operations. This 18" automatic perforating and scoring machine feeds single sheets, multi-part forms, coated stock, even sets with glued edges.

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