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Lever Style Paper Cutter Index

Kutrimmer 1035 Paper CutterKutrimmer 1035 Paper Cutter
Table top trimmer has a large capacity and is very safe with its unbreakable plastic guards.
Kutrimmer 2035 Paper CutterKutrimmer 2035 Paper Cutter
Safe and accurate cutting with automatic clamping system to hold paper when cutting.
Kutrimmer 1038 Paper CutterKutrimmer 1038 Paper Cutter
Deluxe table - top easily cuts larger paper thickness.
Kutrimmer 1043 Paper CutterKutrimmer 1043 Paper Cutter
Paper trimmer with a cutting length of 17" and a capacity of up to 30 sheets.
Kutrimmer 1058 Paper CutterKutrimmer 1058 Paper Cutter
Easily cut larger paper thickness with this fast and precise table-top machine.
Kutrimmer 1071 Paper CutterKutrimmer 1071 Paper Cutter
Paper trimmer with variable position back gauge. Trim hairline edges with the utmost safety and ease.
Kutrimmer 1080 Paper CutterKutrimmer 1080 Paper Cutter
This heavy duty paper trimmer handles many things with ease.
Kutrimmer 1110 Paper CutterKutrimmer 1110 Paper Cutter
This is the largest kutrimmer with a 44" special high-grade steel blade.
Accessories for CuttersAccessories for Cutters
We carry a variety of parts and accessories for your cutter.

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