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Saddle Staplers and Stitchers

Index for staplers and stitchers

MS-115 Heavy Duty Manual Flat or Saddle StaplerMS-115 Heavy Duty Manual Flat or Saddle Stapler
A heavy duty manual stapler with the power and convenience to fulfill all your stapling needs.
ES-118 Electric Saddle StaplerES-118 Electric Saddle Stapler

An office duty flat or saddle stapler
for light to medium usage.
ES-106 Saddle StaplerES-106 Saddle Stapler
The industry standard saddle stapler for making booklets, catalogs, and more.
Bindery Mate Saddle StitcherBindery Mate Saddle Stitcher
This production saddle stitcher, offers both flat or saddle stitching from a continuous wire spool.
Stago - Salut Saddle StitcherStago - Salut Saddle Stitcher
A heavy duty flat or saddle stapling machine that can staple up to 170 sheets.

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