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Paper Folders


HF200 Paper FolderHF200 Paper Folder
Economical, sturdy paper folder. Great for office and light commercial paper folding.
DE-202AF Paper FolderDE-202AF Paper Folder
The DE-202AF Paper Folder has easy operation with high performance. It folds 5000 pieces of paper per hour and is still a light weight table top machine.
FD 320 Paper FolderFD 320 Paper Folder
The FD 320 utilizes the "drop-in" feed system which eliminates the need to fan paper. It is an easily operated, high performance, affordable paper folder.
PF-P320 Paper FolderPF-P320 Paper Folder
A fast, fully automated paper folder. Performs up to 250 folds per minute.
DF 920 Paper FolderDF 920 Paper Folder
With six popular pre-programmed folds and a multitude of custom folds crisp and accurate folding for a variety of applications is accessed at the touch of a button
FD 390 Air Feed FolderFD 390 Air Feed Folder
A high speed air-feed folder to fold virtually any coated or uncoated stock.
Also see our Folder/InsertersAlso see our Folder/Inserters
Automate your mailing tasks with a single machine to fold, insert, and seal your mail.

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